We are Cinnabar, and we are...


Cinnabar Investment Management’s sole purpose to enable our clients to build intergenerational wealth by developing, sustaining and providing industry-leading global multi-management solutions

We are Cinnabar, and we are...


We deliver a profound, global, yet targeted focus on the world economy, through a multi-management investment approach.

About us

We deliver a profound, global, yet targeted focus on the world economy.

We do this through a multi-management investment approach. To take the complexity behind Investment Management, shed light on the future and deliver that through a visually-represented measured dial score.


We help financial planning businesses achieve the growth they desire through proven, expert support structures and tools

We support independent advisers to scale sustainably without compromising the quality of advice they provide to their clients.

Proven Cinnabar Ecosystem

We help Financial Planning businesses increase their valuation by as much as 100%, allowing them to scale service delivery to clients.

Innovative Book Risk Analyser

Our newly developed Book Risk Analyser provides Financial Advisors with a value adding tool that helps them understand their clients financial future through analytical data.

Wealthbit Technology Integration

Our technology streamlines operational processes in financial planning businesses, enhancing productivity and efficiency. 

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