Our investment philosophy is simple:

We deliver a profound, global, yet targeted focus on the world economy, through a multi-management investment approach.

Our purpose:

To take the complexity behind Investment Management, shed light on the future and deliver that through a visually-represented measured dial score.


Strategic alliances, and building the right team to work together towards the same objective, is paramount to collective success.

Cinnabar Investment Management’s sole purpose to enable you to advise your clients on their strategic financial roadmap, by developing, sustaining and providing industry-leading global multi-management solutions to suit all of your clients’ needs.

Investment Management, at its core, is maths. Calculations upon calculations that, in the end, result in us making optimal decisions about what our money will do. However, there’s another – very important – element to those maths and calculations, which is neatly wrapped up in what we refer to as that inexplicable spark. Some call it the essence, the feeling, the art. That refined skill which allows our team to take thousands of potential opportunities and, in a very short space of time, distil them into a powerful, easy-to-understand list, catered to a specific need: Yours.

It’s the combination of maths and art that stands Cinnabar above the rest.


Through a global multi-managed philosophy, taking more than 200,000 international investment opportunities to choose from, and giving you the best option for each client in your business.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo da Vinci


Consistent outperformance


To grow our clients’ asset base through increasing pitch-to-sale ratios.



With over 50 years’ local and offshore experience in investment management, the Cinnabar team has developed a structured and robust tool methodology  which delivers these results to us in a fraction of the time than most other firms would be able to, saving us valuable time so that we can do what we do best: Advise you, our client, on the best solution for you.

A dedicated investment team managing the funds

Greg Flash

CIO and Director

MSc (Engineering), CAIA
Key focus: Portfolio Management

Cape Town, South Africa

Dale Roodt

Head of Operations

B.Com HONS (Economics)
Key focus: Operations and Trading

Sandton, South Africa

Rajiv Lutchmiah

Head of Distribution (East Africa)

BSc (Hons.) Economics & Business Finance
Key focus: Business Development

Ebene, Mauritius

Holly Lobprise

Senior Analyst

Key focus: Research

Cape Town, South Africa

Windall Bekker

Global Head of Distribution & Director

B.Com (Hon), M.App (Fin)
Key focus: Distribution

South Africa

Leading global multi-management solutions with a dedicated global investment team

Increase clients’ Assets Under Management

Putting more time into your day to focus on your clients

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

– John Maeda

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